About me

Well, I am now nine weeks post-hysterectomy and am coming to terms with what’s happened to me physically and emotionally since my journey began.

I thought I’d try blogging (never done this before, so bear with me!) for the following reasons:

  • I wasn’t told very much before (and since) my operation on June 13th, 2016 about what a hysterectomy would entail, physically or emotionally
  • hysterectomy is MAJOR, LIFE-CHANGING surgery!
  • the best source of information and support I’ve had has been online from various sites, and the Hysterectomy Association (www.hysterectomy-association.org.uk) has been my absolute lifeline
  • sharing my thoughts, feelings and experiences might be useful for ME

I don’t yet know how regular or useful this blog will be, and it might simply be a self-indulgent way for me to deal with what is after all a deeply intimate and personal surgery to experience.

One thing I have learned is that no two hysterectomies are the same – there are various types of hysterectomy, with a range of ‘bits’ being removed and there are at least three ways in which the procedure can be performed. And that’s without taking into account how different we are as women!

So, I’ll try writing about my own personal story, my own experiences and my own thoughts and feelings in hopefully a humorous and informative way, together with some practical hints based on my story so far.