Quick update & ‘Hallelujah moments’ news

So, a quick update on the whole healing thing. My referral back to gynae has now come through and it’s on the same day, at almost the same time as my next (and hopefully last) appointment with my GP. I can’t change the gynae appointment (I’ve tried) so I’ll be grovelling at the doctor’s on Monday to see when they can give me another appointment with this particular GP, who is so popular that time with her is beyond precious. Wish me luck!

Anyway, these are the Hallelujah moments I’ve been looking forward to (see a previous post), and a brief update on where I’m up to with them.

  • not having to roll out of bed in the morning – getting there, getting easier to pull myself up & can now sit up in bed fairly comfortably
  • being able to lie on my tummy – still hurts but nowhere near as much as it did even a couple of weeks ago; need to let myself down onto my stomach slowly, can’t yet roll onto it
  • getting out of the bath without it hurting – pretty much there; hurts a bit when I sit up from lying and when I lean forward to stand up
  • being able to get off the sofa without pushing myself up with my hands (done this once!) – think I need to concentrate on doing this one to use my tummy muscles more; suspect it’s more habit now (though abdomen IS still tender)
  • not getting ‘swelly belly’ when I do anything remotely physical – still get this; physio said it’ll go on for a year, which I’ve heard elsewhere; wasn’t as bad as I was expecting after a longish walk yesterday – maybe only looked 5 months pregnant, rather than 7!
  • not having pain in my ‘cuff’ – not there yet – still getting pain, maybe even a bit more recently (presumably to do with granulation tissue and having a bloody hole in it?!)
  • going to the toilet without any pain – getting there; still some discomfort in bladder as described in an earlier post
  • not spending days on the sofa unable to do anything remotely physical – fewer of these now
  • having sex again!!! – check! No details in public post, though. If you’ve had, or are having, a hysterectomy (particularly TAH BSO) and have questions etc., leave a comment & I’ll get back to you – there are some things I WON’T discuss publicly online, but this is a serious issue for women who’ve had this surgery)

This has been a really useful and positive exercise, especially having had a bit of a setback this week in my recovery/healing. I AM moving forward, even if it feels like I’ve taken a step back. If you’re waiting to have this surgery or are in early recovery, I’d recommend making a list of ‘Hallelujah moments’ as a record of your recovery journey. It’s quite therapeutic and does help you to keep perspective.

Anyway, that’s all, folks! (Really need to get a picture of Bugs Bunny!)


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