Chakras and Crystals

Okay, so here goes with the ‘whacky’ bit. Like I said in my last post, I’m a total wuss with anything medical. I much prefer a dentist to a doctor, ironic really, given how often I’ve seen doctors over the years.

The last time I had surgery was also quite a big operation, though nowhere near as invasive and traumatic as my hysterectomy. I was in Manchester, having a benign tumour removed and a reconstruction done at the same time. I don’t like hospitals (they’re full of doctors, you know) and I really wasn’t looking forward to having the operation, especially as I’d already had the lump removed once (by the same consultant who removed my womb, actually) and it had come back (makes me wonder…?). So I was just a teeny bit anxious.

Anyway, they wheeled me down to theatre on my bed; I insisted on my partner walking down to theatre with me and was nearly in tears by the time I got into the pre-op room. I freaked as soon as I saw all the machines and people in scrubs.

I’m telling you this so you’ll hopefully appreciate how different I felt this time. This time, I walked down to theatre from my hospital bed, sans partner, and was chatting to the nurse accompanying me. Completely different – I wasn’t sweating or crying, and my heart-rate was completely normal. The only time I balked slightly was when I walked into the pre-op room. I was a bit nervous as they put the cannula in and injected into my spine but up til then, fine.

This complete change isn’t because I finally grew a pair. It’s because I’d had the chakra-balancing crystal treatment at Wytch Way, Lancaster. I’d actually gone in to book a straightforward, non New-Age and non-Alternative massage. Just a massage to relax me a bit before my surgery. I explained what was happening and that I was a bit anxious about the surgery and Cindy suggested that I had the crystal treatment to balance my chakras.

I must admit, I was a little bit sceptical; although I’m open to the idea of chakras, I wasn’t convinced about using crystals. I have to say, after the treatment I felt relaxed and chilled and prepared for the surgery. Perhaps the most bizarre and unexpected thing to happen, and the one that sounds the most crazy, was that during the treatment (which was largely silent and lasted over an hour) and out of nowhere, I found myself silently speaking to my womb. It wasn’t conscious, I just heard my own voice in my head say three things:

  • I’m not angry with you
  • Thank you for the children
  • You can go now

Now, I had actually been feeling angry – I remember saying to someone that I felt like my womb had betrayed me, but I came away from the treatment feeling positive, like I’d said goodbye and was ready to let it go. I’ve felt like this up until only the last week or two, when it’s finally beginning to dawn on me that there’s nothing there now. It’s all gone and I’ll never get it back. But I think that’s okay.

I would recommend a chakra and/or crystal treatment to anyone feeling stressed or anxious or who’s facing something momentous and life-changing. I liked it so much, I’ve booked another on for the end of the month, before my return to work.

Still a bit unsure about posting this one, but in for a penny and all that…


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