About me

Well, I am now 9 weeks post-hysterectomy and am coming to terms with what I’ve experienced, both physical and emotionally.

I’ve decided to try blogging (never done this before, so bear with me!) for several reasons:

  • I wasn’t really told much about the effects of hysterectomy, physical or emotional
  • I knew hardly anything about fibroids (my reason for having this surgery)
  • most of the information, advice and support I’ve appreciated has been from online sites like the Hysterectomy Association
  • I thought it might be helpful for other women who have had, or are having, this surgery
  • hysterectomy is a MAJOR, LIFE-CHANGING procedure – far more so than I was prepared for
  • I thought it might be helpful for ME to write about my experiences and emotions

I don’t yet know how helpful or useful this blog will be; it might be simply a self-indulgent exercise for me to deal with what’s happened to me. I hope, however, that some of what I write will be of interest to, and maybe even helpful for, other women at whatever stage you’re at in your hysterectomy journey.

Anyway, here goes.


One thought on “About me

  1. This is fantastic. It’s like you wrote about me. Same symptoms, large fibriods, TAH/BSO 14th June. I’m so surprised how little I knew and know even now about menopause. Thank you for taking the time to write this.


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